Disruptive Evolution of Mobile Payments

Agile Development & Team Augmentation
June 28, 2018
Thinking of developing an MVP
June 28, 2018


A Fintech startup approached us with a major issue at hand—they had hired a development team, with no prior SAAS experience, to deliver an MVP in a short span of time.



The startup only had 2 months left to deliver an MVP before the investors started questioning them. We realized the sensitivity and the pressure—to deliver an MVP within two months. Others would define this as an impossible feat and would either decline the client’s request or burden them with extensions in deadline and hefty quotations. We just wanted to take up the challenge and build a long-term relationship with the client.


They wanted us to build a platform to facilitate mobile payments. Right off the bat, we leveraged an existing IP to accelerate development and allow us to quickly integrate with the Telco ecosystem. The client’s saving grace, and ours too, was our extensive experience of working with Telcos. The time to back our commitment with actual work was upon us. We setup a rapid development team that clocked an average of 15+ hours every day for over 6 weeks, only taking short break for coffee refills. From architecture, design, development to integration, we finished everything within 60 days for a pilot.



It was time to test the MVP; the client ran a pilot to allow the US troops stationed in Afghanistan to buy gifts through a mobile wallet platform and connect with their families. It was a huge success and we managed to build a long-term engagement. A dedicated team was retained to continue development of the platform. Almost 20+ engineers are involved in managing, developing and servicing this platform.