Web-development training

Web Development Training

Training starts with the elementary conceptions of web designing and development, with an overview of WordPress, eCommerce , PHP, MySQL database and contemporary industry conceptions – all web development-applications, design tips, and techniques are included to make you an expert developer and true professional.

Sispn facilitates the best web app-development training to acquire skills in WordPress, PHP and MySQL and develop your skills from a basic level to an expert and pro web developer level.



  • Daily 1 Hour, Total 80 Lessons

Training Overview

  • Innovate formulas by which information can be gathered and retrieved within a MySQL database
  • Gain expertise in eCommerce systems
  • Specialize in sales, credit card processing and shipping throughout the world
  • Create elaborate data and advanced management mechanisms engineered for industrial use.
  • Develop and design plugins and customizations for popular content management programs

Section_1 PHP training:

PHP is a general Programming language that has reached the peak of popularity in its use in web design and development. In this training process, you will achieve an in-depth knowledge of the elementary components and basics of PHP in the intricate field of web designing and Web Development, Web Application Development with PHP Course will enable you to grasp the basics and fundamental concepts along with the practical implementation of each one of them. The major portion of the training covers creating an application that explains designing websites using PHP specifically.

Section_ 2:  Introduction to PHP and MySQL

  • Initiate a PHP Web Server
  • Link PHP with HTML and CSS
  • Connect PHP Pages from HTML
  • Build MySQL database
  • Set up PHP Application with MySQL
  • Learning MySQL Database Management for PHP Application
  • Database configuration

Section_3:  PHP programming basic

  • Learn the echo and print functions
  • Incorporate HTML with echo and print functions
  • Express and implement PHP variables
  • Comprehend the various types of variables in PHP 
  • Use computative operators to execute mathematical functions
  • Utilize comparison operators to articulate rational comparisons
  • Understand the PHP switch statement
  • Work with loops.
  • Identify when and where it is most appropriate to use a loop
  • Create types of loops to handle looping requirements
  • Manage indexed array
  • Draw loop statement uses
  • Create associative arrays
  • Understand and use multidimensional array
  • Identify and use the superglobals predefined variables in PHP
  • Use The nine most common functions used in the string library

Section 4 : PHP programming and MySQL Database advanced

  • Learn and use types of encryption application security
  • Use SHA and understand between SHA vs encryption passwords
  • code functions
  • Write functions that take arguments and return a value
  • convert a string to byte array. byte array to string.
  • Learn cookies and learn to read and write text file to the server
  • Learn Parse CSV file
  • generate a unique session
  • use session variables in core php Pass them between PHP pages
  • learn to send emails using PHP
  • Use to database to develop application and run from the MySQL database
  • Get Data From MySQL Database
  • Change and delete date from database or all MySQL database data

Section 5: WordPress Development

  • Introduction A to Z all about WordPress
  • Learning custom and basic HTML, CSS and Bootstrap codes
  • Learning Bootstrap basic level to advanced level
  • Using WordPress application
  • Designing WordPress simple to custom Websites
  • learning Menu, Creating Pages, forms and sliders from basic to Advanced
  • Setingup forms recieving forms and generating auto responder
  • Using WordPress free thems
  • changing worldpress them your own way
  • Creating custom thems

Section 7: JavaScript

        • Programming Fundamentals
        • Introduction to JavaScript
        • Variables and Data types
        • Decision Statements
        • Looping & Its Types
        • String Functions
        • Using Arrays
        • Using Object
        • Clients Side Form Validation