Urdu Language Course

Learn Nearly 600 million people's spoken language

If you wish to visit or setup your business in Asian countries especially in India and Pakistan, or you want to learn 600 milion spoken language we recommend signing up for our Urdu Classes with our experienced, qualified Urdu language teachers. you can have classes at your on your preferred time, sitting in your room online.

Introduction to the Urdu language

 Alphabet and pronunciation
 Introducing oneself: name, nationality, profession
 Forming simple sentences
 Introducing Noun
 use of Noun
 Introducing Verb
 Memorization of Verbs table
 Use of Verb
 Male and female forms
 Vocabularies on daily basis
 Talking about one’s family
 Feminine words
 Talking about one’s work
 Plural forms
 Describing things
 Everyday objects
 Making polite requests
 The indefinite and definite articles
 Describing places
 Asking questions
 Introduction to dialect features
 Forming more complex sentences
 Writing and listening activities


Having class with our Urdu Speaker teachers and getting their daily basis guidance makes learning Urdu very easy.