Digital & Technology Transformation

Ideation & Strategy
June 28, 2018


A digital transformation program can increase revenue and improve profitability—but it can also be a complicated and risky process. Even the best strategy can fail if it’s not implemented correctly. We partner with businesses to turn strategy into reality. Our team helps establish the systems and processes that enable companies to become faster and more agile by running on real-time and analytical information.


„Our services include:”

IT effectiveness: we strengthen IT departments with digital technologies to achieve stability, security, and cost reduction to drive rapid value creation.
Customer insights and analytics: we help our clients use internal and external data to create sophisticated insights about their customers so they can improve their customer interaction, grow, and make better decisions.
Operational analytics: we equip our clients with real-time information that can be used to make immediate, evidence-based decisions.
Digital automation: we use advanced analytics, digital workflow technologies, and agile thinking to radically automate processes.
Product strategy and innovation: we help our clients increase the digital capability of their products and services from strategy through execution, including improving ongoing revenue generating features. Transformation management: we enable clients to set up, govern, assess, recover, and lead major programs—both for traditional technology implementations and iterative agile deliveries. People and organization: we align the company’s culture with its operating model and leadership capabilities to achieve agility. Cybersecurity: we partner with business leaders and investors to define their strategy and identify, quantify, assess and minimize cyberthreats.


Digital in a Box

When you are ready to jump start your digital journey, our “Digital in a Box” approach allows you to quickly build capabilities to solve a pressing business need, outside of the current delivery constraints in a lightweight, fast-paced digital factory. This path supports agile, continuous delivery with a culture that enables rapid realization of digital products and services. Cloud-ready, using open-source architecture and tooling, this methodology drives innovation, improves ways of working, and introduces significant improvement that can then be used as a catalyst for change in the wider organization.